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2016 Webinars

By PARadmin posted on Date: Sep 16, 2016

We're ecstatic to announce our collaboration with AARP Colorado to bring the Parkinson's community free webinars through out the year! 

These webinars allow us to serve communities that we may not be able to physically get to and provide them with the education that they need. Plus, if you don't catch the webinar the day of, the webinar lives for an entire year after! 

1. Click the title of the webinar you want to view

2. Register for the event

3. Enjoy and learn! 

Make sure you're signed up for our enews, so you can get updates on when new webinars are coming out...click here to sign up. 

2016 Webinars

The Science and Practice of LSVT Loud: Speech Treatment for Parkinson's Disease, Angela Halpern, MS, CCC-SLP

Swallowing Problems in Parkinson's, John Dean, MA, CCC-SLP

Does Parkinson's Disease Affect Thinking and Memory?, Benzi Kluger, MD

Sleep & Fatigue in Parkinson's Disease, Drew Kern, MD

NonMotor Symptoms in Parkinson's Disease, Samantha Holden, MD

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