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Ask the Expert: Deep Brain Stimulation

By PARadmin posted on Date: May 31, 2017

The Parkinson Association of the Rockies has created a new segment on our bi-weekly enews called, "Ask the Parkinson's Expert". Every enews we ask the community to submit a question they may have for a Parkinson's doctor, a selected question will then be answered and featured on the next enews.

All questions are confidential. Not all questions can be answered, so please notify your physician for immediate attention.

Q: "Once Parkinson's symptoms begin to return after a successful DBS procedure, can anything be done to get back to the initial lack of symptoms?"

A: “Yes. It is expected that symptoms will eventually return as the disease progresses. Sometimes the DBS generator voltage or pulse width can be increased to provide more benefit. More usually the DBS system can be expected to decrease the medication usage by 50% initially. Once that has been accomplished, the DBS system is likely near the limit of what can be achieved. This does allow for the opportunity to increase medication once again over the coming years to continue symptom control."

                            - David VanSickle, MD, Denver DBS Center



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