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Thanks and Thriving Video Competition WINNERS!

Date: 11.29.2017

Thanksgiving reminds us to be thankful, but also reminds us to take a moment to reflect on the highs and lows of the year. That's why this year we decided to host a video competition, Thanks & Thriving, in hopes that during the Thanksgiving holiday our community would look back at their year and tell us how they give thanks and thrive with Parkinson's. Some of you told us hobbies you took up after diagnosis, some of you showed us how you use dance to heal and feel joy, others shared how educating themselves about the disease helped them cope; but the one thing that was clear from all of the videos was that our community took their diagnosis and decided that they weren't going to sit back and let the diagnosis bring them down. They took their diagnosis and dared it to change their lives!

Every video was moving and inspiring, and that's why we chose to share it with all of you and ask for you to vote on the video that spoke to you the most!

Here are your winners for the 2017 Thanks & Thriving Video Competition! Winners will be emailed

2017 Thanks & Thriving Winners!

Favorite Individual Winner: Margie Dahlin

Favorite Group Winner: Reconnect with Your Body!


Congrats to all the winners and thank you to everyone who submitted a video and showed that Parkinson's won't bring them down!

2017 Thanks & Thriving Video Submissions

Bob Trout

Tina Schoehner

Chris Hageseth

Greg Ritscher

Fort Collins Support Group


We hope your Thanksgiving was one of love and laughter!

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Thanks and Thriving Video Competition! Voting starts NOW!

Date: 11.15.2017

UPDATE: Videos have been submitted & voting starts now! From now until November 28, tell us who your favorite individual video is and who your favorite group video is. 

Click here to vote! 

Winners will be announced December 1.



We are approaching the time of year when we hear that our community is struggling; especially those who have been recently diagnosed. They are feeling depressed, overwhelmed, stressed and alone. We know that the holidays and the looming winter weather play a role in this onset of melancholy; but this year we want to be proactive and help our community to thrive. To do this we need your support and participation.

We are creating a video contest challenge called Thanks & Thriving. We want you to create a short video about how you’re thriving. While we as an organization can do our best to help provide support and resources; we know that your voice is really what our community needs to hear.

We’re asking that you share your advice, suggestions, hope and inspiration. Consider: What would you have been thankful to hear or made aware of? What tip or trick have you been thankful to have?

Essentially, we’re asking you to share what you do to thrive.

Here’s how the Thanks & Thriving video campaign works:

  1. You’ll create a 30-90 sec video
    1. This can be done on any digital camera, smart phone or tablet
  2. You’ll submit your video by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Monday, November 13th
  3. The Association will post submitted videos online by Wednesday, November 22nd
  4. You’ll vote, over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, for the most inspirational video by:    
    1. A person living with Parkinson’s
    2. A group supporting one another with their Parkinson’s (ie: support groups, exercise classes, etc.)
    3. A person caring for someone living with Parkinson’s (ie: spouse, child, friend, etc.)

           (Voting will be open from Thursday, November 23rd – Tuesday, November 28th)

   5. Winners for each category will be announce by Friday, December 1st

           (There will be a prize given to each winner)

After we’ve concluded the Thanks & Thriving video challenge we’ll continue to share these videos with those in our community who need some inspiration and to know they are not alone.

To give you an idea of what we’re thinking… here’s a sneak peek.

Margie Dahlin Sneak Peek

That’s just one perspective; and your perspective, your voice, is really important to share so we hope you’ll join us so our community can give thanks for your advice on how to thrive!

We’ll send you more info through our e-news and if you have any questions please contact the Parkinson Association (303) 830-1839 and ask to speak with Erica. 

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