Dance for PD® at Home

Now, for the first time, wherever you are, you can join members of the original Dance for PD® class in Brooklyn to enjoy a rigorous, innovative dance class that engages mind, body, and spirit.

This much-anticipated DVD, the first in a series, features a complete class from the internationally-acclaimed dance program developed by Mark Morris Dance Group and Brooklyn Parkinson Group.

Founding teachers from the Mark Morris Dance Group guide viewers through the joyful world of dance. The DVD features:

  • Specially-designed movement phrases done either seated or standing
  • Creative and stimulating dance combinations
  • Moves based on tap, ballet, jazz, modern dance, and improvisation
  • Phrases from choreographer Mark Morris' beloved repertory
  • Coaching and insight from Morris himself
  • Energetic and inspiring musical selections that make you want to move
  • Two options on one disc: start learning in our "practice class" and move on to the expedited "through class" when you're ready for a slightly more constant pace

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