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Parkinson’s Disease Exercise Program

Exercise has been proven to help alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson's disease (PD). It is one the most important keys to living well with PD. Exercise can improve strength, balance, stability and peace of mind. At the time the physician prescribes medications, exercise should also be prescribed.

There are a variety of exercises that are beneficial for individuals with Parkinson's. No matter what you like to do, the most important key to exercising - keep moving!

Paul Zieger, Yoga Instructor and person with Parkinson’s disease has a slogan,
"When you have Parkinson's, everything is therapy."
What he means is that your activities of daily living--every single one of them--provide you with an opportunity to add a little more grace, a little more strength, a little better body alignment, and a little more safety.

The Parkinson Association of the Rockies offers a variety of exercise and activity classes to help you stay physically and mentally healthy.

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Power Punch Parkinson's

Give Parkinson's the good ole' one-two by stepping in the ring for some non-contact boxing! We promise that you will leave feeling empowered!
Power Punch Parkinson's is Colorado's first non-contact boxing program for people with Parkinson's disease. Our classes have a unique partnership of expert boxing instructors with physical therapists and/or PT students. Recent physical therapy research has shown boxing to be effective in improving balance, mobility, and quality of life. Our classes are fun, energetic and individualized to your abilities. Come try a class and join our growing community.

PAR for the Course

Inspirational training through exercise movement with a focus on balance and strength. PAR for the Course classes provide exercise approaches that target the unique physical, emotional and cognitive challenges for individuals living with Parkinson's disease. Both high and low intensity classes are offered.

This class helps individuals with Parkinson's disease believe in their selves that there is still life to be lived!

B.E.A.T. High Intensity

Step forward with the right B.E.A.T (Balance Exercise Activity Therapy)!

Each class, taught by a physical therapist is research based and incorporates balance, stretching, strengthening, postural awareness, coordination and gait.  The class is highly aerobic and designed to help drive neuroprotection (slow degeneration) and neuroplasticity (change the brain to maintain old connections, form new ones and restore lost ones). The classes focus on delivering the accurate intensity, specificity, difficulty and complexity to drive neuroplasticity,

Music and use of a metronome is integrated in the class to help improve performance, speed, and symmetry of movement.

Circuit Training

A blend of cardiovascular exercise and strength training exercises with an emphasis on strength training. Everyone warms up, then, each participant begins at a station. Stations are either timed or based on repetitions. Everyone rotates to the next station once a station is complete.

This type of training increases your strength and aerobic fitness, burns calories, and most of all it takes the participants through important ranges of motion to work on balance and stability.

Tremble Clefs, Good Vibrations & LOUD for Life

The Tremble Clefs program focuses on utilizing good breathing practice, louder voice volume and wider pitch range; thus addressing some of the most serious voice symptoms found in people with Parkinson’s. Participation in a Tremble Clefs singing program can help address common symptoms of Parkinson’s disease through breathing, stretching and posture activities, vocal exercise and rhythm and movement.

In Good Vibrations, the class led by a board-certified music therapist will consist of hands-on, evidence-based exercises to improve and maintain a wide variety of skills. The class is designed to address the following areas: music and cognitive fitness, music and physical fitness and signing for improving the speaking voice (vocal volume & intelligibility)

LOUD for Life, a community based voice/speech exercise program for people who have previously received LSVT LOUD. Join other LSVT LOUD® Graduates to keep your voice and speech strong!
Research has shown that vocal exercise enhances voice volume in people with Parkinson’s, and that the presence of music and rhythm improves movement. Singing can be both physically and emotionally invigorating.


The BASIC4 | PWR!Moves are performed with large amplitude, high effort, and attention to action in multiple postures (floor, all 4’s, sitting, and standing). They specifically target “4” skills shown by research to interfere with mobility in people with Parkinson's  (antigravity extention, weight shifting, axial mobility, and transitional movements).

Rhythm & Grace Dance for PD® Classes
In Rhythm and Grace dance classes, participants explore movement and music in ways that are enjoyable, stimulating and creative. Dance is appropriate for anyone with PD, no matter how advanced. Dance for PD®  a unique collaboration between the Mark Morris Dance Group and the Brooklyn Parkinson Group.

Order a Dance for PD® at Home DVD.

Yoga and Tai Chi
The practice of yoga and Tai Chi can help people with Parkinson’s to improve their strength, balance and stability.

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Outdoor Mindset - Outdoor Mindset unites and empowers people affected by neurological challenges through a common passion for the outdoors.

Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center Parkinson’s Programs – BOEC provide unique physical outdoor experiences as well as an opportunity for participants be active, reach personal goals, have fun, connect with others, and enjoy activities that they may be hesitant to participate in after a diagnosis of PD.