Living Well with Parkinson’s Disease

What does it mean to live well with Parkinson’s Disease?

Living well with Parkinson’s disease means taking charge and defining how you will live with Parkinson’s disease rather than letting Parkinson’s define you. There are many different aspects to living well with Parkinson’s. Explore the opportunities and select those that are right for you, fit your life style and enhance your well-being.

  • Exercise is critical to maintaining an active lifestyle and maximizing mobility for as long as possible
  • Eating well may make a difference in how you metabolize medications and maintain a healthy body to maximize strength in living with Parkinson’s
  • Safety is critical to minimizing fall risks and remaining healthy and mobile
  • Adaptive living and the use of our adaptive equipment loan products can make everyday living with Parkinson’s easier.
  • PD Life App can help monitor, and improve the overall management of medications.
  • Other resources including books, videos and various tools may help you find solutions to the specific problems you encounter while living with Parkinson’s disease.