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Financial Matters

Financial planning  can be challenging when your wage-earning ability is interrupted. This provides all the more reason to develop a workable financial plan early and stick to it. Taking a big picture approach will help you to move forward in spite of life’s challenges.

Social Security Disability

Parkinson’s disease is a covered benefit under social security security laws. If you qualify for Medicare, be sure to read about Medicare criteria and Parkinson’s disease.

What type of long term care will I need?

Long term care is an important part of financial planning, regardless of age or health status. There are many options for long term care, so be sure to look into it early and often.

Disability Insurance

If you purchased disability insurance prior to diagnosis, you can pat yourself on the back. Check out what special circumstances to be aware of if you have Parkinson’s disease.

Senior Fraud

Scammed. It’s the word no family caregiver wants to hear when it comes to a senior loved one. The growing incidence of senior scams is putting many older adults in harm’s way; threatening to strip them of their assets, their independence and their trust. Click here for a Senior Fraud Protection Kit.