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Finding the Right Neurologist

Finding the right doctor is an important part of your treatment. If at all possible, make an appointment with a movement disorder specialist. A movement disorder specialist is a neurologist who has taken additional training in the subspecialty of neurology called movement disorders. Movement disorder specialists may also be involved in research and/or teaching in addition to their clinical concerns. Such professionals typically follow a greater number of patients with Parkinson’s disease and are generally more experienced in the use of the various medications and other treatments then general neurologists, internists or general practitioners.

Is your doctor right for you?

The first step is finding a qualified physician. The second is considering whether the physician is the right one. You should feel comfortable in this relationship and feel that it is a good “match”. Consider these questions:

  • Are you comfortable speaking with your physician?
  • Do you feel respected by your doctor?
  • Are questions answered to your satisfaction?
  • Do you feel that your concerns have been taken seriously?
  • Can you get in touch with the doctor between visits?
  • Ask your physician, “how long should I expect to wait for a return phone call?”
  • Does your physician have a backup physician in lieu of his/her absence?

Find your Movement Disorder Specialist:

Find a general neurologist Click here to view a complete list of general neurologists in Colorado and Wyoming.

Definitions of Parkinson’s disease specialists:

Neurologist: A doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system.

Neuropsychologist: A psychologist who specializes in studying brain behavior relationships.

Neurosurgeon: A surgeon who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with injuries and diseases of the brain, spine and peripheral nerves.

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