• 303.830.1839


Power Punch Parkinson's - Denver

Time 10:00-11:00am


Denver Red Shield, 2915 High St., Denver


(303) 830-1839, Info@ParkinsonRockies.org

Give Parkinson's the good ole' one-two by stepping in the ring for some non-contact boxing! We promise that you will leave feeling empowered! 

Power Punch Parkinson's is Colorado's first non-contact boxing program for people with Parkinson's disease. Our classes have a unique partnership of expert boxing instructors with physical therapists and/or PT students. Recent physical therapy research has shown boxing to be effective in improving balance, mobility, and quality of life. Our classes are fun, energetic and individualized to your abilities. Come try a class and join our growing community. 

There is a $10/month fee when signing up for the Red Shield Gym. See you in the ring!