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The Parkinson Association is proud to announce that the Cheyenne support group has been awarded a PCORI grant to study the 'Quality of Care for the Wyoming Parkinson's Community.' 

This grant will allow the Wyoming Parkinson's community to be connected through the use of technology and a dedicated person who will travel the state to learn how to further provide the rural communities with the care needed. Click here for more information on the PCORI grant. 

A support group network can help lift the burden of coping with Parkinson's disease by teaching patients, care partners and family members how to help themselves, while helping others. Currently the state of Wyoming has a limited amount of support groups around the state, but by having the ability to connect electronically a patient and a care partner have the ability to have the support and network that is needed to thrive with Parkinson's. 

For a list of Parkinson's Support Groups in Wyoming click here. 

For a calendar listing of upcoming events in Wyoming click here


For a list of Neurologists in the Wyoming Community click here. 

Parkinson's Action Network

National Parkinson's Foundation 

Parkinson's Disease Foundation 

Wyoming Parkinson’s Exercise Classes


High Intensity Training


Rocky Mountain Therapy

2546 E. 2nd St., Building 500

Casper, WY

Kira Johnson, Instructor

Register: (307) 333-3329

Session - $5



The Therapy Center at Life Care Center

1330 Prairie Ave.

Cheyenne, WY

Audrey Williams, Instructors

Register: (307) 778-8997

Session - FREE


Low Intensity Training


Rocky Mountain Therapy

2546 E. 2nd St., Building 500

Casper, WY

Kira Johnson & Jerri Baxter, Instructors

Register: (307) 333-3329

Session - $5

Support groups are for patients, family members and care partners to share with one another in a confidential setting. The Parkinson Association of the Rockies requests that service providers, students and product representatives refrain from attending and contacting these support groups. Please respect each group’s privacy and do not solicit by telephone or e-mail. We do not allow our support group information to be shared or sold.